Care Experienced

Are you Care Experienced and living in Renfrewshire?

Do you want to find out about the support and information available for you?

We have compiled a wide range of resources and information for the Care Experienced community in Renfrewshire.

College & University

Colleges and Universities in Scotland offer tailored support to Care Experienced applicants and students, such as pre-entry support, adjusted offers of entry and financial aid.


Provides information about what individual colleges and universities offer to their care experienced students such as bursaries, accommodation, and pastoral care.


A resource that can be accessed through your school which provides information around articulation routes between college and university. FOCUS Point also provides information around entry requirements, portfolios and interviews and key deadlines. 

University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde offers a wide range of support for Care Experienced students and prospective students. 

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University provides a wide range of support for Care Experienced students and prospective students. 

University of Glasgow Support for CE Students

The University of Glasgow provides a wide range of financial and pastoral support to Care Experienced students and prospective students.

University of Glasgow Reach Programme – Provides taster sessions for students who are interested in applying to medicine, law, veterinary science etc with support from S4-S6.

University of Glasgow Top-Up Programme – An additional qualification which is offered in S6 through the University of Glasgow during school time. Successful completion of the programme can result in an adjusted offer for study.

University of Strathclyde Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy offers articulation routes and adjusted offers for engineering courses for Care Experienced students and those from SIMD20/40 backgrounds who are interested in pursuing engineering courses. 

The University of the West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland provides a wide range of support for Care Experienced students and prospective students. 

West College Scotland

West College Scotland provides a wide range of support for Care Experienced students and prospective students. 


There is a range of apprenticeships available for Care Experienced young people in Renfrewshire, with advice and guidance available for those who would like to learn more about apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships for Care Experienced Young people

Pathway Apprenticeships are available to those who have recently left school and are currently unemployed and not in receipt of benefits. They offer an industry-recognised qualification that can aid progression into employment or additional apprenticeship opportunities. 

The apprenticeship will last for 26 weeks and can be extended up to 52 weeks for Care Experienced individuals.


from Skills Development Scotland and Who Cares? Scotland about beginning an apprenticeship

This resource offers information, tips and advice from the experiences of Care Experienced apprentices. It also provides useful links and resources to ensure that individuals get the most out of their apprenticeship.

NHS Modern Apprenticeships

NHS Modern Apprenticeships are available to Care Experienced individuals up to the age of 29. The apprenticeship will take place in a healthcare setting and will provide a qualification as well as new skills and work experience. 

Employment & Positive Destinations

Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland offer career advice and guidance through their Careers Service


Aberlour Young Persons Mentor

Aberlour offers an Attainment Mentoring Service to support the attainment of Care Experienced children and young people in Renfrewshire, providing advice and guidance to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Additional Links

The Promise

The Promise was created from the 5500+ voices of Care Experienced children, adults and their families who shared their stories for the Independent Care Review. They shared their own experiences and their vision for what they felt should change within the care system. The Promise is clear in its vision that the most vulnerable children in Scotland should grow up loved, respected, and have the childhood they deserve. This document outlines this vision. 

The Pinky Promise

This is a child-friendly version of the full Promise document. 

The Promise – Plan 21-24

Building on The Promise key documents, Plan 21-24 outlines the next steps that organisations across Scotland must take in implementing The Promise across the key areas of focus.

Who Cares?

Scotland and Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland – Booklet about Rights and Care 

This booklet explains the key pieces of legislation which affect Care Experienced children and young people and clearly explains the rights that they are entitled to at different points in their care journey. It provides additional links to further support if you feel like your rights are not being upheld. 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child — Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland.

The Children and Young People’s Commission Scotland has developed materials for young people which explains the purpose, importance and details of the UNCRC. 


Let’s Introduce Anxiety Management (LIAM) is a training and intervention package based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The LIAM package was developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and it is being offered in various health boards across Scotland. Within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GG&C) area, this is delivered by the NHS Early Intervention Training in Psychological Skills (EI-TIPS) team. 

LIAM is designed to help children and young people aged between 8-18 years who are experiencing milder difficulties with anxiety. It supports them to learn more about anxiety, including how anxiety is linked with our thoughts, physical sensations and our actions. It also helps children and young people find ways to cope with feelings of anxiety.

Children and young people (and parents/carers, where appropriate) meet with a LIAM worker for around 8 sessions to work through structured LIAM sessions together. Each LIAM session has a session plan to follow, a workbook to complete with the child/young person and they are also asked to complete tasks in between sessions. Materials and plans are available to deliver LIAM in one-to-one and group sessions.

If you feel any of these services would be beneficial to you or your family’s wellbeing and would like to discuss then please click the link below.

What happens next? Once you have submitted a request for assistance one of our Community Family Wellbeing team will contact you to look at which support is most appropriate.

Who Cares? Scotland Advocacy

Advocacy is a child-centred service delivered by skilled practitioners, involving a process of advocacy workers being alongside a child or young person to assist them to participate in decision-making processes. It is based on a voluntary relationship between a professional advocacy worker and a child or young person, who is in control of how their views are shared. This service can be accessed by filling out a form at the link below.


Supporting a loved one with an eating disorder? Need extra support?

Click the link below and see how Beat can help!

In line with The Promise, as a local authority, we have been working hard to consider the impact of our language on the Care Experienced Community.

Through consultation with young people and staff across Renfrewshire, we have created a Renfrewshire Language Policy that provides clear guidelines for acceptable, non-stigmatising language use. This will require us to modify our language both verbally and in terms of our policies and procedures to ensure we understand the power that our words can have.


If you have any questions or feedback about the Renfrewshire Language Policy, please get in touch with

The EACES toolkit is a resource aimed at Care Experienced or Estranged young people and the professionals supporting them. It is a compilation of a range of resources covering areas such as life skills, finances, education and mental health. This resource was created by a group of Care Experienced and Estranged students to ensure this information was available for those living or studying without family support.